GLADIATOR ( 20T011000 )

Dated: JUN 10, 2020 American Pacific Industries, Inc. (American Pacific) is recalling certain Gladiator X-Comp A/T tires, size LT285/75R16, Load (Read More)

YOKOHAMA ( 20T007000 )

Dated: MAR 17, 2020 Yokohama Tire Corporation (Yokohama Tire) is recalling certain Yokohama RY023 tires, size 255/70R22.5 16H (DOT date (Read More)

TORNEL ( 20T006000 )

Dated: MAR 13, 2020 CompaƱia Hulera Tornel, C.V. (Tornel) is recalling certain Tornel Deportiva tires, size P235/60R14, with DOT (Read More)

LANDSAIL ( 20T005000 )

Dated: MAR 03, 2020 Sentury Tire Thailand (Sentury Tire) is recalling certain Delinte DX11 tires, size LT275/65R20 with DOT date (Read More)

GOODYEAR ( 20T002000 )

Dated: FEB 04, 2020 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear) is recalling certain Fortera HL tires, size P255/65R18. Due (Read More)

TORNEL ( 20T003000 )

Dated: FEB 12, 2020 CompaƱia Hulera Tornel, C.V. (Tornel) is recalling certain Tornel A/T-09 tires, size LT265/75R16, Load Range (Read More)

GALAXY ( 20T001000 )

Dated: JAN 24, 2020 Alliance Tire Americas, Inc. (Alliance Tire) is recalling certain Galaxy DH241-G 16H commercial truck tires in (Read More)

MICHELIN ( 19T025000 )

Dated: DEC 20, 2019 Michelin North America, Inc. (Michelin) is recalling certain CrossClimate+ tires in size 225/60R16 103V XL tires (Read More)

MASTERCRAFT ( 19T024000 )

Dated: DEC 18, 2019 Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (Cooper Tire) is recalling certain Cooper Evolution Tour, Mastercraft SRT Touring, (Read More)